adivasi hair oil review

adivasi hair oil review

Adivasi Hair Oil Review: A Comprehensive Overview

Adivasi hair oil encompasses a range of Ayurvedic herbal oils marketed for improved hair growth, reduced hair loss, and overall hair health. They vary slightly in their herbal blends, with popular options including:

  • Adivasi Neelambari: Infused with 101 herbs, including bhringraj, amla, and brahmi, it aims to boost hair growth, prevent loss, and add softness and shine.
  • Adivasi Jeeva Sanjeevini: This blend of 21 herbs (including bhringraj, neem, and tulsi) targets hair growth, loss prevention, and dandruff control.
  • Adivasi Bhringraj Herbals: This pure bhringraj oil harnesses the traditional Ayurvedic herb’s reputation for hair growth and loss prevention.

Availability and Pricing:

These oils are commonly found online and in some Indian stores, typically priced between ₹200 and ₹500 per bottle.


Opinions on Adivasi hair oil are mixed. Some users report positive impacts on hair growth and loss prevention, while others note no substantial difference. Some have even experienced scalp irritation.

Scientific Evidence:

Scientific evidence lacks to support the claimed benefits of Adivasi hair oil for hair growth or loss prevention. Ayurveda, the underlying medicinal system, doesn’t adhere to scientific principles. While some Ayurvedic herbs may offer benefits, further research is crucial to confirm their effectiveness in hair growth.

adivasi hair oil review

Important Considerations:

  • Adivasi hair oil isn’t a substitute for medical hair loss treatment. Consulting a doctor for diagnosis and treatment is vital.
  • Potential interactions with medications exist. Inform your doctor about all your medications before using this oil.
  • Follow recommended usage instructions. Avoid contact with eyes or broken skin.


Weighing the mixed reviews and lack of scientific evidence, it’s advisable to approach Adivasi hair oil with cautious optimism. Consulting a doctor before use is crucial, especially for individuals with scalp conditions or those pregnant/breastfeeding.

I hope this comprehensive review, devoid of images, provides valuable insights into Adivasi hair oil. Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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