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Corey Perry: The Chicago Blackhawks Incident – What We Know

In November 2023, NHL veteran Corey Perry’s stint with the Chicago Blackhawks abruptly ended after an internal investigation revealed “unacceptable conduct” that violated team policies. The incident sent shockwaves through the hockey world, leaving many wondering what exactly happened.

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Here’s a breakdown of the known facts:

  • Timeline:
    • Nov 21: Perry unexpectedly scratched from the lineup before the Blackhawks’ game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, despite being healthy.
    • Nov 23: Perry misses the next game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.
    • Nov 25: Blackhawks announce Perry’s indefinite leave of absence for personal reasons.
    • Nov 28: Blackhawks terminate Perry’s contract, citing the internal investigation’s findings.
  • Nature of the incident:
    • Details remain officially undisclosed, but reports suggest it involved inappropriate behavior towards a team employee, possibly fueled by alcohol.
    • Perry himself acknowledged struggles with alcohol and seeking help after the incident.
  • Aftermath:
    • Perry issued a public apology, expressing remorse for his actions and the harm caused.
    • The Blackhawks emphasized their commitment to a professional and safe work environment.

Important caveats:

  • The exact details of the incident and Perry’s actions remain shrouded in secrecy.
  • Speculation and rumors abound, but only official information should be considered reliable.
  • Both Perry and the Blackhawks deserve privacy and due process regarding the matter.

Additional Information:

  • Perry’s agent initially attributed his absence to personal matters, but the internal investigation revealed otherwise.
  • The incident occurred in Columbus, Ohio, where the Blackhawks were playing the Blue Jackets.
  • The Blackhawks’ recent past with handling a sexual assault allegation within the organization likely influenced their swift and decisive action against Perry.


While the full picture of Corey Perry’s Chicago Blackhawks incident remains unclear, the available information paints a concerning picture of inappropriate behavior and a violation of team policies. Perry’s public apology and commitment to seeking help are positive steps, but the lasting impact on his career and the Blackhawks organization remains to be seen.

It’s important to remember that these are just the known facts, and the full story may never be publicly revealed. It’s also crucial to respect the privacy of all individuals involved and avoid perpetuating speculation or rumors.

I hope this comprehensive overview provides you with a clearer understanding of the situation surrounding Corey Perry and the Chicago Blackhawks.

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