donatello biografia

donatello biografia

Donatello: A Sculptor of the Renaissance

Life and Background:

  • Born: c. 1386, Florence, Italy
  • Died: December 13, 1466, Florence, Italy
  • Full Name: Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi
  • Profession: Sculptor
  • Known For: Pioneering Early Renaissance sculpture, mastering both marble and bronze

Early Life:

  • Details about his childhood are scarce.
  • His father, Niccolò di Betto Bardi, was a wool carder, suggesting a comfortable middle-class upbringing.
  • While the exact details of his early training are unknown, he likely learned stone carving during his youth.

Career Highlights:

  • Early Career (1400s):
    • Apprenticed briefly with Lorenzo Ghiberti on the Florence Baptistery doors.
    • Developed his own style, influenced by classical sculpture and imbued with humanist ideals.
    • Created iconic works like the Saint George (c. 1417) and the David (c. 1408-1416).
  • Travels and Collaborations:
    • Worked outside Florence in cities like Rome, Padua, and Siena, sharing his techniques and influencing other artists.
    • Created masterful bronze sculptures like the Gattamelata equestrian statue (1443-1453) in Padua.

donatello biografia

  • Later Career (1450s-1460s):
    • Continued to create innovative and expressive sculptures, pushing the boundaries of the medium.
    • Developed the “rilievo schiacciato” technique, creating low-relief sculptures with nuanced depth.
    • His later works, like the Judith and Holofernes (c. 1455-1460), showcase a dramatic and emotional intensity.


  • Considered one of the most influential sculptors of the Renaissance.
  • His work bridged the gap between the Gothic and Renaissance styles, paving the way for future generations of artists.
  • His innovative techniques and profound emotional expression continue to inspire artists and art lovers today.

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