exploits crossword clue

exploits crossword clue

Understanding the Clue:

  • Analyze the word “exploits” carefully: Consider its various meanings (as a noun or verb), synonyms, and related words.
  • Examine the number of letters: It’s often indicated in parentheses after the clue.
  • Check for additional hints: Look for wordplay, abbreviations, or references to specific topics.

Common Crossword Solutions for “Exploits”:

  • 7 Letters:
  • Other Possibilities:
    • ACHIEVE (7 letters)
    • DEEDS (5 letters)
    • ACTS (4 letters)
    • USE (3 letters)

exploits crossword clue

General Strategies:

  • Cross-reference with other clues: Look for intersecting letters or related themes.
  • Consider synonyms and related words: Brainstorm different ways to express “exploits.”
  • Think creatively: Look for puns, wordplay, or hidden meanings.
  • Use online crossword solvers: Many websites offer tools to help you with specific clues.

Specific Guidance:

If you can provide the following information, I can offer more tailored assistance:

  • The exact crossword puzzle: Name or source of the puzzle.
  • The specific clue: The complete wording of the clue.
  • Relevant letters: Any letters you’ve already filled in.
  • Thematic context: Any apparent themes in the puzzle.

I’m ready to help you solve this crossword clue!

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