gregory porter hat why does he wear it

gregory porter hat why does he wear it

Gregory Porter’s signature hat, a Kangol Summer Spitfire with a modified strap, has become as iconic as his smooth vocals. While the exact reasons remain somewhat personal, there are two main factors behind his choice to wear it:

1. Covering Scars: Porter has openly shared that he underwent skin surgery some time ago, and the hat initially served as a way to feel comfortable and confident in public while the scars healed. He’s referred to it as his “security blanket” and his “jazz hat.”

2. Evolving into His Signature Style: Over time, the hat has transcended its practical purpose and become an integral part of Porter’s artistic persona. He’s embraced it as a fashion statement, and fans recognize him by it. In a 2020 interview, he mentioned that while covering the scars was the initial reason, the hat has become a comfortable and recognizable part of his look.

gregory porter hat why does he wear it

Here are some additional details about Porter’s hat:

  • The Hat Itself: It’s a Kangol Summer Spitfire, a classic flat cap style, but with a modified strap that wraps around his head and chin, providing more coverage.
  • His Feelings About It: While he’s happy to talk about the hat’s practical origins, Porter prefers the focus to be on his music. He’s expressed a desire for people to appreciate his “heart and soul” rather than dwelling on the hat.
  • Fan Reaction: The hat has become a beloved element of Porter’s image for many fans. Some see it as a symbol of his confidence and individuality, while others simply appreciate its unique style.

Overall, Gregory Porter’s hat is a multi-faceted symbol. It started as a personal comfort measure, evolved into a signature style, and ultimately became a beloved part of his artistic identity. While the reasons behind it are personal, the hat undoubtedly adds to Porter’s unique stage presence and continues to intrigue fans around the world.

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