lenita gentil biografia

lenita gentil biografia

Lenita Gentil: A Life in Song

Lenita Gentil, born Maria Helena Gentil do Carmo on August 6, 1948, is a renowned Portuguese singer with a career spanning over five decades. Her journey with music began early, taking to the stage at the tender age of five.

lenita gentil biografia

Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

  • Born in Marinha Grande, Portugal, Lenita moved to Porto with her family at 14.
  • A friend of her father, maestro Resende Dias, recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue singing.
  • By 16, she debuted on the radio station “Emissores do Norte Reunidos.”
  • At 17, she performed at the prestigious Palácio de Cristal in Porto.

Festivals and Accolades:

  • Lenita participated in various national and international music festivals.
  • She secured second place at the Costa Verde Song Festival (1968) with “Quando o Sol Descobre.”
  • Victories at the Aranda del Duero Festival in Spain (1966 & 1968) marked her international recognition.
  • She represented Portugal at festivals in Mexico, Poland, Romania, and even the Song Olympics in Greece.
  • In 1968, she received the Light Music Award (Singing category) by Casa da Imprensa, solidifying her talent.

Fado and Beyond:

  • While known for fado, Lenita’s versatility extends to light music and marchas populares.
  • Her admiration for Amália Rodrigues and the captivating sound of the Portuguese guitar drew her to fado.
  • She performed at the fado house “O Faia,” a significant learning experience that shaped her artistry.
  • Lenita’s career has taken her across Europe, Eastern countries, Australia, Macau, and North America.


Lenita Gentil’s dedication to music has earned her a place among Portugal’s leading singers. Her ability to navigate various musical styles and her enduring passion for fado continue to inspire audiences worldwide.

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