madurai police have filed a case against ed officials

madurai police have filed a case against ed officials

The Case of Tamil Nadu DVAC vs. Enforcement Directorate (ED) Officials in Madurai

The Madurai city police have indeed filed a case against certain ED officials, stemming from a clash between the two investigative agencies on December 1st, 2023. Here’s a breakdown of the situation:


  • Ankit Tiwari, an ED officer in Madurai, was arrested on bribery charges by the Tamil Nadu Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC).
  • Following his arrest, DVAC officials attempted to search the ED office in Madurai to gather evidence related to the case.

madurai police have filed a case against ed officials

The Clash:

  • ED officials allegedly obstructed DVAC’s investigation, preventing them from entering Tiwari’s office for several hours.
  • DVAC filed a complaint with the Madurai police, accusing the ED officers of obstructing public servants in discharge of their duty and criminal trespass.

Police Action:

  • Based on DVAC’s complaint, the Madurai police registered a case against the ED officials.
  • The exact charges levied and number of officials involved are not yet fully confirmed.

Further Developments:

  • The ED has lodged a counter-complaint against DVAC, accusing them of conducting an illegal search without proper authorization.
  • The situation has triggered a turf war between the two agencies, with both sides holding firm to their respective claims.
  • The investigation is ongoing, with both parties attempting to gather evidence and build their cases.

Additional Information:

  • This incident happened amidst the larger context of strained relations between the Tamil Nadu state government and the central government, further fueled by the withdrawal of general consent for CBI investigations in the state.
  • The case has attracted significant media attention and sparked public debate about the accountability of investigative agencies and potential misuse of power.


  • You can keep yourself updated on the case by following reliable news sources in India.
  • Be wary of biased information and misinformation circulating online.
  • Wait for the official investigation and judicial proceedings to conclude before forming a conclusive opinion about the matter.

I hope this information provides a complete picture of the current situation in Madurai. Feel free to ask further questions if you need any clarifications or specific details.

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