manuel roxas biography

manuel roxas biography

Manuel Roxas: A Political Life in Brief

Early Life and Education:

  • Born January 1, 1892, in Capiz, Philippines (now Roxas City).
  • Son of prominent businessman and politician Gerardo Roxas.
  • Educated in Capiz and Manila, graduating law school with top honors.

Political Career:

  • 1917: Elected to municipal council of Capiz.
  • 1919-1922: Governor of Capiz.
  • 1922-1934: Member of the Philippine House of Representatives, serving 10 years as Speaker.
  • 1934: Delegate to the constitutional convention for the Commonwealth of the Philippines.
  • 1938-1940: Secretary of Finance.

World War II:

  • Served in the pro-Japanese Philippine Executive Commission under President José Laurel.
  • Collaboration remains a controversial part of his legacy.

Post-War and Presidency:

  • Cleared of collaboration charges by a special court.
  • Elected President of the Philippines in 1946.
  • Briefly served as President of the Commonwealth before independence.
  • Became the first President of the Third Philippine Republic on July 4, 1946.


  • Focused on rebuilding the country after World War II.
  • Faced challenges such as the Hukbalahap rebellion and a struggling economy.
  • Pursued economic rehabilitation and cracked down on the insurgency.
  • Signed the Bell Trade Act, granting preferential trade terms to the United States.

manuel roxas biography


  • Controversial figure viewed as both a pragmatist and a collaborator.
  • Remembered for his role in post-war reconstruction and economic policy.

Personal Life:

  • Married to Trinidad de Leon, father of two children.
  • Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines (1934-1935).


  • Died in office on April 15, 1948, of a heart attack.

This is a brief overview of Manuel Roxas’s life and career. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or would like more details on any aspect of his biography.

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