teri meri doriyaann written update 8 january 2024

teri meri doriyaann written update

The episode of Teri Meri Dooriyaan on January 8th, 2024, was filled with tension and unresolved conflicts between Sahiba, Angad, and Garry. Here’s a comprehensive update:

Tension between Sahiba and Angad:

  • Their misunderstanding from the previous episode continues. Sahiba tries to reconcile, but Angad remains angry about her supporting Garry. He feels betrayed and accuses her of not prioritizing their marriage.
  • Sahiba tries to explain her perspective, but Angad refuses to listen. He even throws away a sheet he brought for her, symbolizing his emotional distance.
  • Angad decides to leave Brar Mansion, leaving Sahiba heartbroken and their relationship hanging in the balance.

teri meri doriyaann written update

Garry’s Dilemma:

  • Garry continues to repent for his mistakes and pleads with Angad to forgive Sahiba.
  • He even falls off a cliff while desperately trying to convince Angad. Angad saves him, adding another layer of complexity to their dynamic.
  • Garry begs Angad to take revenge on him instead of punishing Sahiba, demonstrating his remorse and love for Sahiba.

Other Developments:

  • Manveer expresses concern about Garry’s presence at Brar Mansion, fearing negative impact on business and investors. Akaal asks for a solution but remains supportive of Sahiba.
  • Veer struggles with the setback of his music career and contemplates deleting his song. Seerat encourages him to persevere and listen to his music with a critical eye.


  • The episode leaves viewers with several cliffhangers: Will Angad forgive Sahiba? How will their relationship move forward? Can Garry redeem himself? What will be the next step for Veer’s musical journey?
  • The tension between Sahiba, Angad, and Garry promises to keep the storyline engaging in the upcoming episodes.

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