va copay rates

va copay rates

VA Copay Rates: Complete Information for 2024

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) charges copays for some healthcare services to help offset costs and encourage responsible use of resources. These copays are based on your income and priority group assignment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to VA copays in 2024:


  • You must be enrolled in the VA healthcare system.
  • You must have received VA care within the past 24 months for urgent care copays.

Copay amounts:

  • Basic Care Services: $15 per visit.
  • Urgent Care: $50 per visit.
  • Prescription medications:
    • Priority Groups 1-4: No copay for medications related to service-connected disabilities or certain chronic conditions. $8 copay for all other medications.
    • Priority Groups 5-8: $8 copay per 30-day or less supply of medication for any condition.
  • Inpatient care:
    • First 90 days of care during a 12-month period: $11.50 per day.
    • Days 91-365: $23 per day.
  • Nursing Home Care/Inpatient Respite Care/Geriatric Evaluation: $21.60 per day.


  • Veterans with service-connected disabilities rated at 50% or more are exempt from most copays.
  • Certain low-income Veterans may also qualify for copay exemptions.

va copay rates

Additional Information:

  • You can find a complete list of copay rates and exemptions on the VA website:
  • You can also check your copay status and bill history online through My HealtheVet:
  • If you have questions about copays, contact your VA medical facility or call the VA Health Resource Center at 1-888-724-3421.

Here are some helpful tips to remember:

  • Always bring your VA identification card to your appointments.
  • Ask your doctor if your medication is covered by a special authority, which may exempt you from the copay.
  • If you cannot afford your copays, talk to your VA financial counselor. They may be able to help you with financial assistance programs.

I hope this information is helpful! Please let me know if you have any other questions about VA copays.

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