what happened to 2baba

what happened to 2baba

There are conflicting reports about 2Baba:

News reports:

  • Alleged involvement in murder and death: Several news sources, including Sahara Reporters and P.M. News, reported that 2Baba, identified as Gift David Okpara, a wanted cult leader, was killed in a joint security operation on February 17, 2024. He was allegedly the prime suspect in the murder of a Divisional Police Officer in Rivers State, Nigeria.
  • Music career and philanthropy: However, other sources like The Guardian Nigeria and Wikipedia focus on 2Baba’s established music career and philanthropic work. These sources do not mention any recent events involving him.

what happened to 2baba

Discrepancy and clarification needed:

It’s important to note the discrepancy between these reports. It’s currently unclear which information is accurate, and further investigation is needed to confirm the details surrounding 2Baba.


  • Consult multiple reputable news sources to gain a broader perspective on the situation.
  • Be cautious of sensationalized headlines and verify information from trusted sources.
  • Wait for official confirmation from authorities or reliable organizations before accepting any report as definitive.

It’s crucial to avoid spreading misinformation based on unverified reports.

I apologize for the lack of clarity due to the conflicting information. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a definitive answer at this time.

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