what happened to danny duncan

what happened to danny duncan

Viral Car Stunt and Death Hoax:

  • August 2023: Danny Duncan posted a video titled “We Jumped My Car Through an RV!” where he apparently jumps his Mustang through the RV.
  • This stunt sparked a viral death hoax due to a misunderstanding of the editing, making viewers believe Danny was severely injured or dead.
  • Danny clarified: He revealed the video was staged, he wasn’t in the RV during the collision, and explained the editing process.

what happened to danny duncan

Continued YouTube Activity:

  • Danny remains active on YouTube, uploading new videos and interacting with fans.
  • His channel, with over 7 million subscribers, features comedy and pranks, and he continues creating content in his signature style.
  • His latest video, “I Bought a Private Island!”, uploaded on January 9, 2024, has already crossed 1 million views.

Overall, nothing significant has happened to Danny Duncan beyond the car stunt and hoax, which he promptly addressed. He’s alive and well, continuing to create and upload content on YouTube.

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