what happened to ducky on ncis

what happened to ducky on ncis

Ducky’s story on NCIS can be separated into two phases: his time as the Medical Examiner and his current role as the NCIS Historian.

Phase 1: Medical Examiner (Seasons 1-15)

  • Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard was the beloved and quirky Medical Examiner for the first 15 seasons of NCIS.
  • He brought a wealth of experience and wisdom to the team, often using his knowledge of history and anthropology to solve cases.
  • Ducky formed close bonds with his colleagues, especially Agent Timothy McGee, becoming a mentor and confidante.
  • In season 15, Ducky officially retired from being the Medical Examiner due to David McCallum, the actor portraying him, wanting to reduce his workload.

what happened to ducky on ncis

Phase 2: NCIS Historian (Seasons 16-20)

  • Rather than completely leave the show, Ducky transitioned to the role of NCIS Historian.
  • This allowed him to remain a part of the team while appearing in fewer episodes.
  • In his new role, Ducky used his vast knowledge to help the team solve historical mysteries connected to current cases.
  • He continued to offer guidance and support to his former colleagues, especially Jimmy Palmer, who took over as the Medical Examiner.
  • Unfortunately, David McCallum sadly passed away in 2023. As a result, Ducky did not appear in season 20 of NCIS and his future on the show remains uncertain.

Further points to consider:

  • While Ducky retired from active duty, he still made occasional appearances in his role as Historian, primarily interacting with Jimmy Palmer.
  • His character remained popular with fans, even after his official retirement from the medical examiner role.
  • The writers haven’t addressed Ducky’s absence in season 20, leaving some fans to speculate about his fate.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Ducky or NCIS.

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