what happened to farleigh in saltburn

what happened to farleigh in saltburn

Farleigh’s fate in “Saltburn” is left intentionally ambiguous, open to interpretation based on the available clues. Here’s what we know for sure:

Oliver’s Manipulation: Throughout the film, Oliver Catton, a scheming outsider, frames Farleigh twice. First, Oliver sends an email from Farleigh’s account to Sotheby’s claiming possession of valuable Palissy Plates, implying intent to sell them off. This act alone sows distrust and suspicion between Farleigh and the Catton family.

Double Framing: Secondly, Oliver poisons Felix, leading to his death. However, he cleverly manipulates evidence, leading everyone to believe Farleigh was involved due to a syringe found near the scene. This manipulation convinces the Catton family to disown Farleigh and force him back to America.

Uncertain Future: We never see Farleigh again after being ostracized by the family. Whether he truly returns to America or takes some unforeseen action isn’t revealed.

what happened to farleigh in saltburn

Possible Theories:

  • Oliver’s Future Plans: Oliver’s goal is to inherit Saltburn, and eliminating any potential challengers is part of his plan. It’s possible he intends to find and eliminate Farleigh permanently, ensuring his hold on the estate.
  • Farleigh’s Choice: Farleigh could choose to confront Oliver, expose his treachery, and reclaim his rightful place in the family.
  • New Life: He might start a new life elsewhere, choosing to move on from the betrayal and trauma he experienced.

Ultimately, Farleigh’s fate remains uncertain, a deliberate choice by the filmmakers to leave viewers pondering his future and speculating on the possibilities.

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