what happened to frank on american pickers

what happened to frank on american pickers

Frank Fritz’s departure from “American Pickers” has been a complex and ongoing situation, with various factors contributing to his exit and the aftermath. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what happened:

Leaving the Show:

  • March 2020: Frank took a leave of absence to undergo back surgery.
  • July 2021: Mike Wolfe confirmed Frank wouldn’t return to the show.
  • Reasons remain unclear: Though various reports speculate, neither Frank nor Mike have definitively stated the exact reasons for the split. Some suggest strained personal relations, health issues, or disagreements on the show’s direction.


  • Health Challenges: In July 2022, Mike revealed Frank had suffered a stroke.
  • Conservatorship: Due to the stroke’s impact, a temporary conservatorship was established in August 2022 to manage Frank’s financial affairs and safety.
  • Recovery and Reemergence: In November 2023, reports surfaced of Frank enjoying his first night out since the stroke, indicating progress in his recovery.

what happened to frank on american pickers

Current Status:

  • Off the Screen: Frank remains absent from “American Pickers,” replaced by Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe.
  • Focus on Recovery: Frank’s primary focus seems to be on his health and well-being.
  • Uncertain Future: It’s unclear whether Frank will return to television or public life in the future.

Additional Information:

  • Frank expressed his disappointment about leaving the show in an Instagram post.
  • Fans remain divided on the circumstances surrounding his departure.
  • The show’s ratings have declined since Frank’s exit.

It’s important to note that the situation surrounding Frank Fritz is still evolving, and new information may come to light in the future. This is just the most comprehensive summary of events based on available information as of today.

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