what happened to josh on moonshiners

what happened to josh on moonshiners

In March 2023, Josh Owens, a beloved cast member of “Moonshiners,” was involved in a serious motorcycle accident at Daytona International Speedway. The incident had a significant impact on him, and here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what happened:

The Accident:

  • Date: March 4, 2023
  • Nature: High-speed motorcycle race collision
  • Severity: Extremely serious, resulting in multiple broken bones and other injuries. Josh himself confirmed in a video:
    • Broken neck
    • Broken back
    • Broken legs
    • Broken arm
    • Other unspecified injuries

Recovery and Aftermath:

  • Length of hospitalization: Extended stay, including nearly 10 days in a coma
  • Current status: Recovering, but facing a long and challenging road to full recovery. He still uses a wheelchair as of January 2024.
  • Community support: Fans organized fundraisers to help with Josh’s medical expenses, showcasing the love and support he receives.
  • Show involvement: He hasn’t appeared in new episodes since the accident, but the show and his co-stars have openly supported his recovery process.

what happened to josh on moonshiners

Current Information:

  • Focus: Ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Mental state: Determined and optimistic about his full recovery, as evident from his public messages.
  • Future on “Moonshiners”: Unclear at this time.

Additional Resources:

Remember, as Josh’s recovery is ongoing, information might change in the future. We can hope for his continued progress and return to the show when he’s fully ready.

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