what happened to natalia grace

what happened to natalia grace

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: A Timeline of Events

Natalia Grace’s story is a complex and captivating one, filled with twists and turns that have left the public baffled and intrigued. Here’s a comprehensive timeline of the key events:

2003: Natalia is born in Ukraine with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita, a rare form of dwarfism.

2009: Natalia is adopted by American couple Kristine and Michael Barnett.

2010: The Barnetts begin suspecting Natalia is much older than her claimed age of 6. They consult doctors and psychologists, some of whom express concerns about Natalia’s behavior.

2012: The Barnetts petition to have Natalia’s legal age changed to 22 based on medical evaluations and their own suspicions. Their claim is controversial and heavily scrutinized.

2013: The Barnetts abandon Natalia in an apartment in Indiana and move to Canada. Natalia contacts authorities and is taken into protective custody.

2014: Cynthia and Antwon Mans, a local couple, take Natalia into their home.

2016: The Mans petition to become Natalia’s legal guardians, but the court hearing hinges on determining her true age. A judge upholds Natalia’s legal age of 22, and the Mans withdraw their petition.

what happened to natalia grace

2019: The documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight” airs, bringing widespread attention to Natalia’s case and sparking public debate about the Barnetts’ motives and Natalia’s true age.

2022: Michael Barnett is acquitted of neglect charges related to abandoning Natalia. Charges against Kristine are dropped.

2023: A DNA test confirms Natalia is around 20 years old, validating her claims of being a minor when the Barnetts abandoned her. The revelation casts doubt on the Barnetts’ initial age estimate and raises questions about potential mistreatment.

Present: Natalia continues to live with the Mans, who have become her legal guardians. She uses the surname “Mans” and is pursuing a future in art and advocacy. She has expressed mixed feelings about the Mans family, hinting at possible tension within the household.

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