what happened to orange county choppers

what happened to orange county choppers

Here’s the complete story of Orange County Choppers (OCC):

Rise to Fame:

  • Founded in 1999 by Paul Teutul Sr., OCC started as a small custom motorcycle shop in New York.
  • In 2002, the Discovery Channel launched “American Chopper,” a reality show documenting the shop’s daily operations and family dynamics.
  • The show became a massive hit, catapulting OCC and its colorful characters to international fame.
  • OCC thrived in the early 2000s, building extravagant custom choppers for celebrities and everyday customers, expanding its business with merchandise and a restaurant.

Internal Strife and Decline:

  • Tensions between Paul Sr. and his son, Paul Teutul Jr., grew over creative differences and management styles.
  • In 2009, Paul Jr. left OCC to start his own motorcycle shop, Orange County Choppers New York.
  • The split, documented on “American Chopper,” and declining motorcycle sales due to the recession, led to a slow decline for OCC.
  • The show ended in 2010, and OCC faced financial difficulties, closing its New York shop and relocating to Florida.

what happened to orange county choppers

Present Day:

  • Today, OCC operates from a smaller shop in Newburgh, New York, and a separate “Orange County Choppers Road House & Museum” in Clearwater, Florida.
  • Paul Sr. remains at the helm, building choppers and managing the OCC brand, which includes merchandise and licensing deals.
  • The company maintains a smaller, quieter presence compared to its heyday, but still caters to a dedicated fan base and keeps the custom chopper dream alive.

Other Notes:

  • The “American Chopper” five-panel meme, depicting a heated argument between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., continues to circulate online.
  • While OCC’s future remains uncertain, its impact on the custom motorcycle scene and popular culture is undeniable.

I hope this information provides a complete picture of what happened to Orange County Choppers. If you have any specific questions about its history or current operations, feel free to ask!

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