what happened to travis kelce

what happened to travis kelce

On the Field:

  • Strong Season, Slight Dip: Kelce had a solid 2023 campaign, nearing his 7th consecutive 1,000-yard season but falling short due to late-season rest. He remained a key offensive weapon, ranking 3rd among tight ends in receptions and receiving yards.
  • Playoff Disappointment: Despite a stellar Wild Card performance, Kelce struggled in the Divisional Round against Cincinnati, contributing minimally to the Chiefs’ loss.
  • Future Uncertain, But Bright: At 34, retirement whispers surround him, but Kelce firmly expresses his intention to play on, and his recent performance reinforces his potential for continued dominance.

what happened to travis kelce

Off the Field:

  • Retirement Denied: Doubts about Kelce’s future are met with emphatic rejections. He’s ready to lace up for several more years.
  • Business Savvy: Beyond football, Kelce shines in the business world. He boasts his own glove line, commercial appearances, startup investments, and a recently launched podcast.
  • Charitable Champion: Philanthropy remains close to Kelce’s heart. His foundation, supporting underprivileged children, recently raised over $1 million through his charity event.


Travis Kelce remains a top tight end and a vital cog in the Chiefs machine. He thrives not only on the field but also in the business world and through his generous philanthropic efforts.

This is just a summary without images. Please let me know if you’d like me to go into more detail about any specific aspect of his career or personal life.

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