what happened to ziva on ncis

what happened to ziva on ncis

Here’s the complete story of Ziva David on NCIS:

Departure in Season 11:

  • Ziva leaves NCIS in season 11 to protect Gibbs from a political vendetta.
  • She resigns along with Tony and McGee, but unlike them, chooses not to return after the situation is resolved.
  • Ziva goes back to Israel.

Apparent Death in Season 13:

  • In the season 13 finale, Ziva is presumed dead in a mortar attack that destroys her father’s farmhouse.
  • The attack was orchestrated by CIA Agent Trent Kort.
  • Her remains are not found, leaving some ambiguity.
  • Tony, upon learning about this, leaves NCIS to care for their daughter Tali, who is revealed to exist in the same episode.

Return and Revelation in Season 17:

  • It’s later revealed in season 17 that Ziva actually faked her death.
  • She did this to protect herself and Tali from Sahar, a woman connected to Ziva’s deceased half-brother Ari.
  • Ziva had been in hiding and working as an investigator of some sort.
  • The reason for her secrecy is explained to Bishop, who stumbles upon the truth.

Reunion with Tony (off-screen):

  • Season 17 hints at Ziva reuniting with Tony and their daughter Tali.
  • The specifics of the reunion aren’t shown on screen.
  • This leaves their future storyline open-ended.

what happened to ziva on ncis

Spin-off in Sight:

  • The implication is that Ziva, Tony, and Tali are now together.
  • This paves the way for a potential spin-off series focusing on their adventures.

Actor’s Departure:

  • It’s important to note that actress Cote de Pablo left the show after season 11 due to creative differences.
  • Her return in season 17 was for a limited arc.
  • Whether she and Michael Weatherly (Tony) would return for a full-fledged spin-off remains to be seen.

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