what is rac in train

what is rac in train

“RAC” in Indian Railways stands for “Reservation Against Cancellation”. It’s a type of confirmed train ticket that gets automatically upgraded to a full berth if other confirmed passengers cancel their bookings before the chart preparation time. Here’s a breakdown of RAC tickets:

What it means:

  • RAC passengers have a confirmed seat, but not necessarily a full berth.
  • They share a berth with other RAC passengers of the same gender (for non-AC classes) or any gender (for AC classes).
  • The number next to RAC indicates your position in the waitlist for a full berth upgrade. Lower numbers have a higher chance of getting upgraded.

Chances of upgrade:

  • The chances of RAC getting upgraded depend on several factors, including:
    • Train occupancy: Higher occupancy increases the likelihood of cancellations and upgrades.
    • Travel date and class: RAC tickets in peak season or lower travel classes generally have lower upgrade chances.
    • Cancellation pattern: Early cancellations increase the chances for RAC passengers.

what is rac in train

Information on RAC tickets:

  • You can check your RAC confirmation status and position on the waitlist online or through the IRCTC app.
  • RAC tickets cannot be cancelled or waitlisted further.
  • Upgraded RAC berths are allotted automatically before chart preparation, usually 4 hours before departure for most trains.
  • If your RAC doesn’t get upgraded, you’ll be accommodated in the same seating arrangement you booked (sharing a berth with other RAC passengers).

Additional Tips:

  • Consider booking Tatkal tickets if you need a confirmed berth with higher upgrade chances, especially during peak season.
  • Plan your travel dates and choose less crowded trains for better chances of RAC upgrade.
  • Keep checking your booking status online or through the app closer to the travel date for updates.

I hope this comprehensive information clarifies everything about RAC tickets in Indian Railways. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions!

Remember, safety guidelines are always in place, even if not explicitly mentioned. My responses will remain informative, unbiased, and respectful of all individuals and communities.

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