aryabhatta biography in english

aryabhatta biography in english

Sure, here is a detailed biography of Aryabhatta in English:

Aryabhatta (476–550 CE) was one of the most influential mathematicians and astronomers of ancient India. He lived during the Gupta Empire, a period of great intellectual and cultural flourishing. His most famous work, the Aryabhatiya, is a concise treatise on mathematics and astronomy written in verse form.

Early Life and Education

Aryabhatta’s birthplace is uncertain, but it is believed to be either Ashmaka (present-day Maharashtra) or Kusumapura (present-day Patna). He studied at the renowned Nalanda University, a major center of learning in ancient India.

The Aryabhatiya

The Aryabhatiya is Aryabhatta’s magnum opus. It is divided into four parts:

  • Gitika (Fundamentals): This section covers arithmetic, algebra, and combinatorics. Aryabhatta introduces the place-value system, including the concept of zero, and gives formulas for calculating areas, volumes, and square roots.
  • Khandakhadyaka (The Broken Chapters): This section deals with trigonometry, including the sine table, and methods for solving astronomical problems.
  • Kalakriyayoga (The Calculations of Time): This section discusses astronomy, including the motions of the planets, eclipses, and the measurement of time. Aryabhatta proposes a heliocentric model of the solar system, centuries before Copernicus.
  • Goladhyaya (The Sphere): This section describes the celestial sphere and the constellations.

Other Works

Besides the Aryabhatiya, Aryabhatta is also credited with writing the Arya-siddhanta, a treatise on astronomy that is now lost.

Contributions to Mathematics and Astronomy

Aryabhatta’s contributions to mathematics and astronomy are vast and influential. He:

  • Developed the place-value system, including the concept of zero.
  • Gave accurate formulas for calculating areas, volumes, and square roots.
  • Introduced trigonometric functions like sine and cosine.
  • Proposed a heliocentric model of the solar system.
  • Explained the causes of solar and lunar eclipses.
  • Developed accurate methods for calculating the positions of the planets.

aryabhatta biography in english


Aryabhatta’s work had a profound influence on the development of mathematics and astronomy in India and beyond. His ideas were translated into Arabic and later into Latin, spreading his knowledge to the Western world. He is considered one of the most important figures in the history of science and mathematics.

Here are some additional details about Aryabhatta’s life and work:

  • The year 499 CE is mentioned in the Aryabhatiya as the year of its composition, and it also states that Aryabhatta was 23 years old at that time. This means he was born in 476 CE.
  • Aryabhatta’s heliocentric model was ahead of its time and was not widely accepted until the 16th century, when Copernicus proposed a similar model.
  • Aryabhatta’s work on trigonometry was also very important, and his sine table is still used today.
  • Aryabhatta is considered a national hero in India and his birthday is celebrated as National Science Day on May 11th.

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