ruskin bond biography

ruskin bond biography

Early Life and Influences:

  • Born on May 19, 1934, in Kasauli, India, to a British father and Indian mother.
  • Lived a nomadic childhood due to his father’s job, spending time in various hill stations.
  • Experienced the loss of his father at a young age, leading to a close bond with his extended family.
  • Grew deeply connected to the Himalayas and its people, shaping his future writing.

Education and Writing Career:

  • Educated at several schools in India and England, including Bishop Cotton School in Shimla.
  • Began writing at a young age, publishing his first short story, “Untouchable,” at 16.
  • Moved to London after school and worked as a clerk while continuing to write.
  • Achieved literary success with his debut novel, “The Room on the Roof,” in 1956, winning the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize.
  • Over a prolific career, penned more than 500 short stories, essays, and novels, including 69 children’s books.

Writing Style and Themes:

  • Renowned for his simple, lyrical, and evocative prose.
  • Often explores the daily lives of people in the hills, focusing on nature, relationships, and human emotions.
  • Imbues his work with nostalgia, humor, and gentle observations.
  • Some of his most beloved works include “The Room on the Roof,” “Rusty the Dog,” and “Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra.”

ruskin bond biography

Awards and Recognition:

  • Received numerous accolades for his writing, including the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award, the Padma Shri, and the Padma Bhushan.
  • Holds the honor of being one of India’s most cherished and acclaimed authors.
  • Translated into over 20 languages and adapted into films and television shows.

Personal Life:

  • Resides in Landour, Mussoorie, with his adopted family.
  • Continues to write and publish new works.


  • Ruskin Bond’s contributions to Indian literature and popular culture have been immeasurable.
  • He is revered as a master storyteller who captured the essence of life in the hills with warmth, sensitivity, and humor.
  • His works continue to enthrall readers of all ages across the globe.

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