devil the british secret agent review

devil the british secret agent review


In the heart of colonial India, Aryan, a captivating British secret agent with a veiled past, finds himself embroiled in a web of conspiracies after a series of high-profile assassinations rock the nation. Armed with cunning tactics and razor-sharp wit, Aryan delves deeper, unearthing hidden truths and navigating a treacherous labyrinth of political intrigue, forbidden love, and betrayal. As the stakes rise, Aryan must grapple with personal demons and face a moral dilemma to unravel the true motives behind the killings and protect those closest to him.


  • Aryan: A magnetic blend of charm and lethal skills, Aryan masks his inner turmoil under a suave demeanor. He’s the ultimate chameleon, seamlessly navigating the treacherous landscape with impeccable disguise and combat expertise.
  • Nyshadha: A fiery journalist with unwavering independence, Nyshadha proves to be a formidable partner for Aryan. Their contrasting personalities ignite both intellectual clashes and undeniable sparks of attraction as they team up to unravel the truth.
  • Simon: Aryan’s seasoned mentor and anchor, Simon offers unwavering guidance and support amidst the swirling chaos. His seasoned wisdom and loyalty become Aryan’s guiding light in the darkest corners of the mission.
  • Inspector Khan: A relentless hunter on Aryan’s trail, Khan’s unwavering suspicion adds another layer of suspense to the already tangled web.


Kalyan Ram’s captivating presence brings Aryan to life with raw charisma and nuanced performance. He masterfully delivers the character’s complexity, seamlessly transitioning between effortless charm and inner turmoil. Samyuktha Menon’s spirited portrayal of Nyshadha complements Aryan perfectly, creating a powerful on-screen chemistry that sizzles with both conflict and passion. The supporting cast, including V.M. Jagadeesh and Tanikella Bharani, add depth and intrigue to their respective roles, enriching the narrative tapestry.

Critical Reception:

Devil received a mixed bag of reviews from critics. While some lauded its action sequences, music, and Kalyan Ram’s performance, others found the plot predictable, the supporting characters underdeveloped, and the romantic subplot clichéd.

devil the british secret agent review

Audience Response:

The film garnered decent box office success, drawing praise from fans of the action-thriller genre and Kalyan Ram’s dedicated following. However, some viewers criticized the lack of originality and predictability in the narrative.


Devil offers a stylish and adrenaline-pumping escape into the world of espionage and intrigue. Though the plot may not break new ground, it provides a satisfyingly fast-paced thrill ride for genre enthusiasts. Kalyan Ram’s phenomenal performance, coupled with the film’s impressive visuals and action sequences, make it a worthwhile watch for those seeking a light and engaging Telugu thriller.

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