hanuman great andhra review

hanuman great andhra review

Hanuman – Great Andhra Review Summary:

Mostly Positive:

  • Visually stunning: Praised for captivating VFX and thrilling action sequences, especially the grand reveal of Hanuman.
  • Emotionally charged: Background score by Gowri Hari enhances the film’s devotional and dramatic moments.
  • Strong lead performance: Teja Sajja shines as Anjaneya, carrying the weight of Hanuman’s power within him.

Minor Gripes:

  • Uneven pacing: The first half felt slow and lacked consistent momentum for some viewers.
  • Predictable villain: The antagonist lacked depth and originality, falling into familiar tropes.
  • Supernatural elements: The film’s fantastical aspects weren’t always explained logically, leaving some questions unanswered.

hanuman great andhra review

Public reception: Generally positive, appreciating the blend of superhero action, devotion, and Indian mythology.

Box office: Commercial success, grossing over ₹30 crore worldwide.

Verdict: While not flawless, “Hanu-Man” delivers a visually impressive and action-packed superhero tale with strong emotional connections to Indian mythology. It’s recommended for fans of the genre and Ramayana enthusiasts, although be prepared for a few narrative hiccups along the way.

Additional notes:

  • First review on Great Andhra gave a 3.5/5 rating, calling it “a visual extravaganza with goosebump moments.”
  • Public reactions were mixed, with both positive and negative feedback noted.
  • Exclusive interview with director Prasanth Varma explored his vision for the film.

This summary provides a concise overview of the reviews without getting bogged down in details.

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