good things that happened in 2023

good things that happened in 2023

Good Things that Happened in 2023:

Science and Medicine:

  • Medical breakthroughs: CRISPR gene editing therapy approved for sickle cell disease, promising malaria vaccine with 80% protection, first mouse embryos created in space.
  • Disease elimination: Bangladesh ends visceral leishmaniasis, Iraq eliminates trachoma, Belize declared malaria-free.
  • Other advancements: Gender pay gap reaches all-time low in US, California’s drought finally ends.

good things that happened in 2023

Environment and Climate:

  • Renewable energy on the rise: Renewables surpass fossil fuels in US, major investments in clean energy technologies.
  • Climate action: Ecuador bans new oil extraction in Amazon, more countries adopt carbon pricing.
  • Positive tipping points: Great Barrier Reef shows signs of recovery, Amazon deforestation rates decrease.

Society and Culture:

  • Human rights advancements: Same-sex marriage legalized in several countries, laws combat discrimination against marginalized groups.
  • Increased access to education: Global literacy rate reaches record high, more girls enrolled in secondary school.
  • Art and entertainment: Groundbreaking films and TV shows spark social conversations, major sporting events bring joy and unity.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and despite challenges, these positive developments give us hope and motivation for a better future.

I hope this information is complete without images! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

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