what happened to corpse husband

what happened to corpse husband

Corpse Husband, the popular horror commentary YouTuber, has largely stayed out of the limelight for the past year, leading to many questions about his whereabouts and activities. Here’s a breakdown of what’s known and what’s speculation:

Known Facts:

  • Corpse Husband hasn’t uploaded a new video or streamed on Twitch since October 2022.
  • He briefly addressed his absence on Twitter in November 2022, stating he was taking a break for personal reasons and wasn’t sure when he’d return.
  • He hasn’t provided any further updates on social media since then.


  • Some fans believe he’s focusing on his music career, as he’s mentioned working on new music in the past.
  • Others speculate he’s taking a longer break for health reasons or simply wants to enjoy some privacy.
  • There’s also been some unfounded speculation about personal issues or drama, but these haven’t been confirmed by Corpse Husband or anyone close to him.

what happened to corpse husband

Important to Remember:

  • Corpse Husband has the right to privacy and deserves respect for his choices, regardless of the reason for his absence.
  • Spreading rumors or negativity about him is unhelpful and disrespectful.
  • The best way to support him is to be patient and understanding, and to trust that he will return when he’s ready.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Remember, it’s always best to rely on confirmed information and avoid speculation when it comes to someone’s personal life. Let’s treat Corpse Husband with the same respect and privacy we would want for ourselves.

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