what happened with shep at bravocon

what happened with shep at bravocon

Here’s a comprehensive summary of what’s known about Shep Rose’s behavior at BravoCon 2023, based on available information:

Excessive Drinking and Blackouts:

  • Shep admitted to being “blackout drunk” for most of the weekend, including during his appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”
  • He was reportedly drinking heavily, including many margaritas.
  • He has said he doesn’t remember many of the events that took place.

Disturbing Behavior and Consequences:

  • Lala Kent revealed that Shep upset at least one “Real Housewives” cast member with his actions.
  • There were reports of him berating a blackjack dealer at a casino, leading to his removal.
  • His castmates expressed concern about his behavior and its impact on his friendships and reputation.

Potential Factors:

  • Celebrity Pressure and Party Atmosphere: BravoCon is known for its raucous environment, which may have contributed to Shep’s overindulgence.
  • Pre-Existing Emotional Issues: Some speculate that Shep may have been struggling with personal issues that led to his excessive drinking.
  • Recent Breakup: Shep had recently ended a long-term relationship, which may have played a role in his behavior.

what happened with shep at bravocon

Repercussions and Reflection:

  • His actions at BravoCon were a major topic of discussion during the “Southern Charm” Season 9 reunion.
  • Shep acknowledged that his drinking had become a problem and expressed a desire to make changes.
  • He recognized the negative impact his behavior had on others and acknowledged the need to take accountability.

Current Status:

  • It’s unclear what specific steps Shep has taken to address his drinking since BravoCon.
  • He has not publicly shared any updates on his journey towards sobriety or any actions he’s taken to change his behavior.
  • His castmates and fans remain hopeful that he will seek help and make necessary changes to improve his health and relationships.

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